Monday, October 31, 2011

Pinspiration: November Fashion Obsessions

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I am an obsessive pinner.

As November begins in just a few hours (where did 2011 go?!), here are some looks that inspire me to live colorfully in the grayest month of the year. Images found here.

Green goodness:

Pumpkin dreams:

Sugar plum:

Cool cobalt:

Raspberry and mustard:

Amber and navy:

Hopefully these can inspire a few of your outfits this month.

Happy pinning!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

November Wish List

There are a few things on my wish list for next month. Whether they'll make it to my closet is another thing. I have a trip to Guatemala coming up, so... we'll see how things play out.


I own this boot in black and love it. I wanted to purchase a brown option to replace my crummy pair from Target. I'm torn between the wine and cognac colors. The cognac boots I've seen in person lately look really scruffy and kind of faded. I wanted a richer cognac.

Rose Gold Watch

One of my friends has a Michael Kors watch similar to this one. I've been wanting to join the club for a while.

I saw this picture on People, and really wanted to complete my own version.

Navy Blazer

I tried this beautiful blazer on recently. The wool was light, the buttons were gold. Swoon.

Red Scarf

New Blush Palette

Are you wishing for anything in particular for November?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap

Hey all,

I first eyed this dress on Pinterest from another fashionable pinner. I immediately went to the J. Crew site, and then my poor (emphasis on poor) little heart sank. I really couldn't justify spending $178 on this dress. I loved it, but I normally cap prices for dresses at around $100.

Chance was on my side as it deep dived and rescued my heart. Someone mentioned that they found the dress on sale at their local store. I called the closest store, requested my size and put it on hold.

Chance really out did itself as the price of the dress dropped to $59.99 just the night before, and there was an additional 30% off of sale prices. This lovely dream of a dress checked out at $41. I also snagged a gold metallic belt to pair with it.

On to the weekend.

I continued my search for the perfect pairing for my new dress. Next month I'll be taking pictures with my mom and sisters. It will be outdoors, weather permitting, and I am looking for a vest or sweater to compliment the dress. The search for that something was pretty much a bust.

I liked the idea of a fur vest with it. Not really the Rachel Zoe type of vest, but a bit more subtle yet cozy.

I tried this one on at H&M, but it was a bit too bulky.

I didn't really see a lot of options while out. I'll have to find something before the shoot. I'll keep you posted.

I did pick up some Sonia Kushak brush sets for gifts for friends and family. I found them half off, which is awesome. I paid full price for my own set. I love these brushes. They're ergonomic, they hold product well, and they distribute evenly.

Yesterday, I finally used my Anthropologie gift card. I tried on a few different pieces at the store. Some made me look a bit too much like a 12 year old librarian. Instead opted for this skirt:

Which looks like this on me:

(dig the dressing room pic)

I must say that between Netflix and my recent online shopping, getting the mail has recently been so much more exciting.

I received my Naked Palette in the mail last Friday. I've been using it every day since. I can see what all the hype is about. If you're more of a neutral girl, I recommend it highly.

That wraps up the weekend pretty nicely. I'm excited for up-coming sales with the holiday season. I know there will be much more to come.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Doin BIG Things

Feeling new and inspired.

I love fashion. I know these first blog posts can come off as cheesy. So, instead of racking my brain to think of something witty and heart capturing, I'm just going to stick with this.

I'm working on getting quality photos to post in the blog for outfit inspiration and makeup ideas. It is a work in process and hopefully one that continues.

Thanks for reading.