Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter to Spring Wish List - plus a sketch

I didn't make a post about New Years resolutions because I tend not to make them. Not serious ones anyway. A few that I did come up with included sketching more and dressing more professionally at the office.

I'm going to start a weekly sketch post on Mondays featuring my Moleskin book sketches. Aptly named Moleskin Mondays, because I have a thing for alliteration. Clearly.

I'm throwing one out there for today just because.

Inspiration from the Sartorialist

On to the wish list. I wanted to be more consistent with work wear. I've found that during the week I'll look completely casual, then other days I look like I'm going for an interview. I know that I'll have some fluctuations here and there. However, I do want to create a more consistent look while not being boring.

I also like being able to wear bright colors for this season because it is really so gray outside.

A few things I have on my wish list for this season:

Banana Republic Striped Blazer

Banana Republic Slim Ankle Pant

Banana Republic Bella Pintuck Dot Blouse

Colorful dresses from Ann Taylor. Blue, Green

Pencil skirts from Loft. Yellow, Lace

J Crew Café Capri

We'll see what makes it's way into my closet. :)

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  1. I love all the inspiration outfits. You sketch really well! xo